In today’s challenging business environment, it’s critical to get the business model right the first time. That means developing technology products the market will buy and building a business case that is rock solid.

For both new ventures and early-stage product development, Bryan Bergeron offers a unique point of view for the business team.

  • He has a wide-ranging perspective on current technology in a variety of fields
  • His keen analysis identifies effective ways to use new technologies or repurpose conventional strategies
  • He is committed to viable, practical outcomes.

Bryan brings a unique set of skills to this process—combining an understanding of information technology and engineering with experience of legal complexities and business demands. An innovator to his core, he provides both a broad perspective and a detail orientation that can raise the key questions at the right time and offer creative solutions to intricate problems.


The burgeoning hospital and home-based medical-device industry is replete with opportunities—and challenges. There are technical, regulatory, intellectual property and business considerations. In the end, the device needs to work for both the clinician and patient. Bryan Bergeron’s unique combination of skills and experience qualify him to provide far-reaching counsel on medical devices from concept to market.

He is experienced in electronics from high-tech circuitry to complex hardware design. He has a native talent for problem solving that, together with his engineering skills and his medical-apparatus knowledge, leads to functional products that are safe and effective.


Healthcare institutions are already on the fast track to enterprise-wide information technology. And new government initiatives are accelerating the pace. A successful implementation starts with the analysis of existing processes and work habits to determine which technologies might be leveraged to achieve specific goals. It results in improved patient care and reduced costs—sustainable over the long term.


Technology-dependent deals—mergers, acquisitions or start-ups—require expert review of intangible assets to guard against unexpected liabilities and to assure anticipated benefits. Buying, selling and/or licensing intellectual property is a complex process that requires a highly skilled and experienced team. For venture capital firms and business executives alike, a successful venture depends on getting not only accurate business advice, but also cogent and comprehensive technical and scientific input.

Bryan Bergeron’s exceptional background qualifies him to wear more than one hat on the team. As a physician skilled in technology, he combines the perspective of the medical community with the knowledge of a researcher. Because of his extensive business experience, he adds a practical point of view sometimes lacking in technologists and healthcare professionals. Perhaps most important of all, he is an asset to any team, deeply sensitive to timelines and priorities as well as to the need for penetrating analysis.


Innovative technology projects meet their objectives when new and existing technologies are effectively combined to produce a practical result that can be translated into cost-effective implementation. Successfully doing things for the first time requires a wide knowledge of technology and a keen sense of the possible. Bryan Bergeron excels at this process. In collaboration with client teams, he develops a vision of the desired outcome and assembles the specs to build the product.

He has worked on numerous projects for the US military as well as industry—frequently under the aegis of TATRC (Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center), DOD (Department of Defense) and SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research).


New product development in the medical industry requires a blend of scientific expertise, business knowledge and familiarity with medical practice. Engineering skill and intellectual property experience are helpful as well. When a full-time chief scientist position is not appropriate, companies often consider a consulting chief scientist.

In this capacity, Bryan Bergeron serves as a resource and mentor to the development team as well as being an advisor to management. He is a conduit to academia. And he provides a sounding board for research projects, original ideas and innovative approaches. He helps the team set priorities, apply new science and technology and predict future trends.


Bryan Bergeron is a compelling speaker who can address academic and scientific audiences or business gatherings with equal effectiveness. He speaks in the US and overseas on a variety of topics. Here is a small sample:


Intelligent tutoring systems
Emerging technologies
Game design
Intellectual property
Medical robotics
Voice recognition


Computer technology for patient care
Data warehousing
Serious games
Economics of healthcare
Electronic medical records (EMRs)


Building loyalty
Leveraging technology to the bottom line
Managing technology development
Marketing software

Contact Information

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