Technology is powerful. It can change our thinking, our lifestyles and our society. But technology has a dark side. If a process is flawed, applying technology to it will only make matters worse. When our computers grind out useless data that misses the mark, it leads us to wrong conclusions. This is especially problematic when patients are at risk. If we are brutally honest today, we’ll admit that technology is no longer the infallible mechanism by which we'll continue to progress as a society.

The next new consumer gadget won’t solve profound challenges such as declining infrastructure, a failed healthcare system, inadequate education and weakened national defense. Instead, efficiency, effectiveness and determined practicality need to guide our efforts to use technology to further corporate, personal and societal objectives.

Bryan Bergeron consults for startups and established companies on developing and marketing innovative technologies. His books on the topic range from developing serious games to using the wireless Web. He is particularly focused on developing commercial Translational Reality interfaces to processor-enabled devices for the elderly and those who simply don’t have the time or inclination to continually learn to use new devices and systems.

Contact Information

Bryan Bergeron, MD
President, Archetype Technologies, Inc.
258 Harvard Street Ste 315
Brookline, MA  02446